Do you feel overwhelmed or continuously: 

  • Anxious?

  • Depressed?

  • Fearful?

  • Sad?

  • Alone?

  • Confused? 

  • Directionless?

Then the Life Energy Optimization Method is your solution. Guaranteed. 


-One Ascencio / L.E.O Method Inner Energy Coach


Hi! I'm One.

What I Do: I will show you how to directly use the LEO Method to dissolve stress and blockages to raise your inner energy levels.


Who’s It For: Tired of daily uncontrollable emotional or mental stress? Anxiety? Confusion? Or do you want to have higher energy levels?

Who's It Not For: If you're 100% perfect everyday without question, then it's possible that the LEO Method is probably not for you.  

Why: If your inner mental, emotional, and physical energies don’t take direct instruction from you, then fear and anxiety is simply a natural consequence. But if your energies do what you want them to do, then wouldn’t a continuous pleasant experience of life be a natural consequence? 

How It Works: The L.E.O. (life energy optimization) Method is a tool comprised of specific techniques. These techniques will help you to organically align your inner energies from within you. 


What To Do Next: Click here to choose your techniques.


I N N E R   I N T E L


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Primal Force Products Affiliate 



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Aside from being deeply motivational and inspiring, I found the LEO Method to be a unique 'tool set' all of us can use to play mechanic to our own psyche and build our most fulfilling version of ourselves. Laced with eloquent proverbs, personal wisdom, and inventive methodology, Juan leverages a combination of LEO Method 'technology' and a gift for communication to bring you a unique way of resolving and eliminating your root fears to create lasting, powerful, and energizing individual freedom. I believe anyone can and will benefit from this journey, from those in need of a mental 'tune-up' to those burdened by deep, long-standing issues."

Rob A. H.

Grand Junction, CO

I no longer believe the lies I told myself to cope with. I faced my fears and Juan helped me break free from the bondage of the endless vicious cycle I had been on. Today I have control of my mind, and I am a better me. Whole, sound, and HAPPY! I really believe this method can help anyone who is in their pursuit of happiness. Best decision I ever made for myself. 

Jamie B.

Beaumont, CA

After my relationship of four years of marriage with my beloved husband, I encountered our first real difficulty as a couple. Without going into too much detail, my heart was broken and I was terribly sad. I started looking for options to get some professional help for myself and my situation. Two months later I happened to meet Juan in person and we talked about how the L.E.O Method and what this program could do for me, if I was willing to do the work. 


Now a month later after doing the work with the L.E.O. Life Transformation Course, I’m no longer the same person that I was before. I am now a more empowered and joyful individual when it comes to life and life’s challenges, and I will continue to be so. 


Thank you so much Juan for your work and creating the L.E.O. Method to make my healing and life much easier. I couldn’t have done it alone. God bless you and keep transforming lives! 

-Cristina V. 

Cristina V.

Colorado, USA

The Leo Method has helped me eliminate negative emotions and thoughts I had deep inside me for so many years. Now I feel a sense of peace after getting to the root of some of my old ways of thinking. The Leo Method dissolves old mental negativity to the point of where it's almost non-existent. 

Javier G.

Pasadena, CA

The Life Energy Optimization Method really works, things came up that I didn’t think could be worked on. The way I felt when I first started to when we were finished is amazing. My beliefs that have been holding me back have diminished and its liberating to feel those beliefs can be worked on and eventually be gone. 

Jesus L. M.

La Quinta, CA

I am 30 yrs old. I have been battling my ups and downs emotionally. What I didn't realize is that I have been blocking myself from many great possibilities and opportunities: career-wise, relationship-wise, and privately damaging myself when no one was looking. 


It took me some time to come to Juan and have a session but I can honestly say it was such a comfortable and casual approach. Life has become more clear for me and I have felt a sense of joy and peace within me I didn't know existed. Thank you Juan, your work is amazing!

Samantha A.

Hemet, CA

Looking back, I had so many negative events and disbeliefs of myself that I was unaware of how they have gotten tangled up subconsciously within me. Throughout the years I didn't realize how much they overpowered my entire life. 


Right after my first session with Juan I felt liberated and free. Soon following my other sessions I began to notice how empowered I felt. After some time had gone by in my last consultation with him he asked me, "is there anything you feel right now that is holding you back?" For the first time ever, I just couldn't think of anything. Not to say that I'm perfect in all aspects of myself but I definitely see the world and myself differently than I did in the past. I even feel like a part of me has transcended into a more beautiful version of myself.

Leena A.

La Quinta, CA

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