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Disempowering Energy Elimination Process (DEEP) 

Beliefs are the basis for how you live and experience life. Most people are not aware that they may have ten or even one hundred subconscious "disempowering" beliefs and or ACERs (automatic conditioned emotional reactions) that disrupts their every day life.True Beliefs are actually programs that run on the subconscious level of the mind. These programs are what create your own individual reality and how you experience life, and if they are mostly negative or disempowering then that becomes your reality.

My work is to help you discover and dissolve these specific subconscious  disempowering beliefs and or emotional conditioning directly and effectively, all in the convenience of your own home or office (usually over the phone or in person if you prefer). 

After just one consultation you may observe the following L.E.O. DEEP benefits: 

  • clarity or peace of mind  

  • a renewed sense of empowerment

  • relief from old emotional discomfort

  • a sense of wellbeing 

  • energy

  • fearlessness & more... 


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 Juan Ascencio

                         / Body Annealing (bodywork)

Body Annealing is a type of bodywork that incorporates breath oxygenation, visceral and physical pressure and joint work to dissolve stress and enhance the body's relaxation and regenerative processes. 


This type of bodywork was initiated in the harsh conditions of ancient Russia where not only was the weather tyrannous, but the land was also under constant attack from invading forces surrounding the country. Over a millennia of intense study and application a select group of people created and shared this ancient but highly rejuvenating and strengthening form of body work to help the body regenerate from physical, mental, and emotional exertion.


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 Juan Ascencio

                         / 4.1 LEO TRANSFORMATION COURSE 

Our power does not come from our ability to create the world as such but to recreate ourselves in the way we want.  

The 4.1 LTC is a transformative course that consists of two weekly training sessions (one Transformation session & one D.E.E.P session per week) plus one converging ending session for a total of 5 weeks. You can complete this course in the convenience of your own home or office (usually over the phone, or in person) as I guide you through the process of learning how to use this technology to directly and effectively transform and optimize your life energies.

This program is about Transformation. Change implies improvement of the old where most of the old still remains. Transformation implies a new creation that makes the  old obsolete. When you consciously create yourself to be the way that you truly want to live, only then will you be able to take the clear action that will actually create the most empowering and enjoyable things in your life. Some of the many benefits are:

  • development of clarity, sharpness and peace of mind that lasts a lifetime

  • more energy and enhanced lightness in performance (including sex) 

  • elimination of established negative emotions like depression, anxiety, etc.

  • strengthening and youthful rejuvenation of the physical body

  • effective action that you can learn to recreate your life, now 

  • and so much, much, more to list here...  

This is just an example of what the 4.1 Life Transformation Course has done for many, and can also do for you when you use it much like any tool or smartphone you apply to enhance your life. The results of using this technology are direct and effective, all you have to do now is reserve your spot and get started by clicking here: (Book Online) 

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