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How Meditation Can Make You Happier Healthier & Sexier

Before we get to the sweet Sex and Health part of this blog, I need to ask YOU something vital; are you ready for the BIG secret to dissolving Dis-ease in the body?

I’m no doctor or psychologist. I’m only going to share with you my direct experience and how this experience has changed my life and the life of many of my personal friends and clients. This is simply coming from my own first hand experience, so enjoy what I’m about to share with you. Please be warned, don’t continue reading if you do not want to empower yourself. I am so not kidding with you.

Now, I’m going to give you the solution to help dissolve dis-ease in your system but it is so simple that you might laugh at it and belittle it. Let me reassure you that there is plenty of scientific, medical, and more importantly ‘experiential’ evidence that it works. This process that I’m about to share with you creates something called “Flow” within your system. I’m going to elaborate more on by the end of this blog.

The solution is: bring more ‘EASE’ into your mind & body. The more ease you bring into every aspect of your human capabilities, the less Dis-ease you’ll have in your life. Let that sink in for a hot minute.

Your human capabilities consist of 4 main aspects of your H.O.S. (human operating system). These aspects are your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual intelligence. When you learn to consciously recalibrate these 4 aspects of your H.O.S. you will literally bring more ease into your body and at the same time raise your energies to their most optimal state. Believe it or not your immune system is not just physical, it calibrates on a regular daily and even moment to moment basis depending on your mental, emotional, physical and energetic state.

So how can you bring more EASE into your system then?

The simple technique of proper Meditation is one major, if not the most fundamental step towards consciously creating more ease in your body and at the same time optimizing your Human Operating System.

In my previous blog post about "sex, drugs and meditation" I mentioned the many benefits that meditation can bring to anyone who practices meditation but there is a lot more you can do through the mechanics of this inner science. Such as create a surge of Sexual Energy as well as Dopamine in the brain and body that I feel you and I and the rest of the human population need and want to become aware of.

First let’s talk Dopamine. Dopamine is the feel good chemical hormone that you experience when you accomplish something. This could be like when you take a chance and you win money or a prize, or you get his/her number. The so called "runners high", or while you’re making sweet, sweet, love to your woman or man. Dopamine is generally the vital chemical that causes adults to become addicted to sex in the first place but it’s also the reason why adults and children become so addicted to sugar and electronics. Why are so many adults and teenagers addicted to exogenic drugs like caffeine, THC and cocaine? Dopamine. What an amazing chemical!

I too enjoy a cup of Joe every once in a while. Well, everyday really.

However, meditation can also naturally stimulate the natural reproduction and strengthen the receptors of Dopamine in the brain and body, all without the upsetting side effects of exogenous chemicals like sugar or opiates. In fact through meditation, the more you train your mind, brain and body to naturally and sustainably reproduce endogenic Dopamine in the body, the more powerful and resilient the mind and body become and the more creative and intelligent you become as well! Not that I would consider myself to be that smart to be honest… BUT meditation also has anti-aging benefits too! It directly sets the stage for the reproduction of sustainable Dopamine in the body and all it takes is 15-20 minutes of formal meditation practice a day. Did I mention that it’s free?

Now for the sweet Sex part. There are two very distinct SEXUAL benefits to meditation for men and women. For women, through meditation, a woman can actually become more aware and sensitive to allow her deepest thoughts, emotions and desires to consciously rise up within her. Sadly and unknowingly she may have had to suppress her genuine thoughts, emotions, and desires on a daily basis generally due to societal and cultural norms. Overtime for women the suppression of their genuine and deepest thoughts, emotions and unacknowledged desires tend to create an excess of the stress hormone called Cortisol in her system. This can lead to many manifestations of disease. Anything from digestive and immune issues, mental and emotional disorders, to sexual dysfunction, weight gain/loss, as well as heart disease to name just a few.

However meditation can be a very sacred and intimate practice for her to increase her sensitivity to acknowledge her repressed thoughts, emotions, and desires and allow them to rise up in her immediate conscious-awareness so that when the time comes she can more clearly verbalize and express them to her loving partner (if her partner is mentally and emotionally healthy and strong enough). She can also talk to a caring loved one, or someone that she deeply trusts like a best friend, therapist or coach. Done correctly, meditation can prime her mind and body to allow her to dissolve and drop her cortisol levels very rapidly. At the same time combining meditation with her ability to fully express her self and "feel heard" allows her Oxytocin levels to rise!

Here’s a fun fact: Women need 30 times more Estrogen and Oxytocin in their system to be able to achieve an orgasm during intercourse! (For more scientific info on this topic click on or look up “Beyond Mars and Venus” by Dr John Gray) This is because the chemical hormone of Estrogen creates feelings of sensitivity and trust and Oxytocin creates sensations of love and bonding, which is what women generally love and need most in their lives.

Now on the other hand, Men can use meditation to do the opposite. Meditation can help a man clear and dissolve disruptive thoughts and emotions by creating a little internal perspective or distance between who he is in the moment... and to be able to see his thoughts and emotions more clearly. This meditative process for men allows him to consciously recognize their inner “negative” thoughts and emotions. With a formal practice they can learn to simply let these disruptive thoughts and emotions dissolve into nothing while they sit in a nice quiet space with no interruptions. Thus creating clarity of perception and ease in their mind and body. In fact men need 30 times more clarity, rest and relaxation than women in order to be able to reproduce sufficient levels of Testosterone in their bodies. Sufficient Testosterone levels in men's bodies allows them to have the mental, emotional, energetic and physical power, clarity, and strength to simply take clear and empowered action. Empowered actions like being able to simply sit quietly and listen to his loving partner's concerns, or work on the yard, or throw out the trash or make that deep, hard, sweet, sweet, love to his woman.

Now there’s one more powerful thing about the amazing technology of Meditation that I’ve learned, and that is; FLOW. In most recent years, there’s been a huge breakthrough in the understanding of Flow that only those in the cutting edge of modern science, extreme sports, business and even spiritual circles has led Men and Women from all over the world to come to discover on how to consciously use Flow to create the results that many of the past would have said to be impossible.

I'll give you a quick example of someone who has done the impossible and holds many records around the world. His name is Wim Hof, the “Ice Man”. All you have to do is look Wim up and you’ll be blown away. Not only that, Wim has been able to replicate his capabilities and teach others like those with compromised near death health issues to climb dangerous freezing cold mountain tops in record time! And with little clothing. I cap you not!

So I’m going to give you a quick breakdown of how the deepest state of Flow works best from my own individual experience. This is because when you learn to consciously get in "Flow" instead of "just go with the flow" as the old adage goes, literally magic starts to happen in reality. Again I shit you not!

I'm not always in "Flow" just so we're clear, but I can remember to take the steps to get in Flow. Unfortunately the harder you try to get into Flow, the harder or impossible it will be to get into Flow because Flow is not something you do. You just flow, like you just be. This deeply meditative state has been a signature of all true living masterful people that I first hand have had the experience and honor to work and learn from. Also I think it’s very, VERY, important to mention that these Masters are not PERFECT people, but they are Masterful beings. Full of joy, blood, sweat and tears. Be advised, this insight is not for the faint of heart. You have to be willing and committed to being joyful, healthy and strong without compromise by yourself to be able to digest what you are about to read, okay?

Otherwise, just stop reading right now. Close this blog and move on to something else...

See, in the reality of life, which is the right now present moment, this moment, right now; Flow creates Uncertainty. When you seek certainty in life you are unconsciously orienting yourself towards death because death is the only certainty there is in life.

However, uncertainty creates possibility and possibilities CREATE NATURAL SUSTAINABLE DOPAMINE in the brain. Possibility and Dopamine are only possible in the living reality of the right now, present moment. Especially under high pressure, fun, and even dangerous situations like when you want to go and ask that beautiful woman or man for his/her name and number.

Come what may, who cares. You are living your life! Full of possibilities where there is no certainty. You are alive, right now in flow. Feel it?

This my friends, is Extraordinary living. Extra. Ordinary. Living… Enjoy.

To your Joy, Health and Success,

One Ascencio | LEO Method Instructor

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