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The LEO is the name that represents the Lion in one of the twelve signs of the western Zodiac. But the LEO Method doesn't have anything to do with the Zodiac. 


In Biblical terms the Lion is a sign of the beginning of a "New Heaven and A New Earth." It is also called ‘The Golden Age" which says that, “the Lion will lay down with the Lamb.” This message is symbolic to help us comprehend the continuous metamorphosis of the Vniverse that we live in. 


Consciousness works on different levels with different life forms. See when you throw a stick at a dog the consciousness in a dog will chase the stick and make the dog bring it back to you. Yet, when you throw a stick at a Lion, the Lion stops and looks back towards the direction of where the stick came from.

The L.E.O. Method will help you clarify your awareness to enhance the clarity of your perception. Thus be able to see life as simple as it is in reality. In this way you'll bring more light in to your psyche so that you can see every thought, action, and emotion as clear as day. Thus you'll be able to choose which inner energies to confirm and which ones to let go to and dissolve.


Using the L.E.O. Method will help you to get in tune with your Vniversal inner intelligence. Freeing yourself to create your life in the way that you want... especially now in this new Golden Age of Leisure and Technology.


- Juan Ascencio

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