The “L.E.O. Method” stands for the Life Energy Optimization Method which is a way of describing the process of enhancing one’s own human intelligence; meaning the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual/energy intelligence. 


Coincidently the LEO is also the name that represents the Lion in one of the twelve western signs of the Zodiac. However, the LEO Method doesn't really have anything to do with the Zodiac. 


I love animals and am very fond of cats for their lovely shapes, powerful yet graceful movement, and very present Mystic/Zen like qualities. Even in Biblical terms there’s a prophecy describing the signs of the beginning of a ‘New Heaven and A New Earth’, ‘the Golden Age’ which says that, “the Lion will lay down with the Lamb.” Personally I see this message as a metaphor to help us comprehend the ebb and flow of the vast ocean that is the Vniverse that we live in. 


Let’s take the old Tibetan vision of how Consciousness works on different levels of awareness by using distinct animal qualities to help us recognize the behavior of consciousness in humans. For instance when you throw a stick at a dog the consciousness in a dog will chase the stick and bring it back to you. However if you throw a stick at a Lion, the Lion will stop and look back towards the direction of where the stick came from to see who or what threw it. 

In essence, the L.E.O. Method is a way of sharpening and raising the voltage of your individual energies of awareness to create more light in your perception to be able to see life the way it truly is... To become more luminous inside, in a way, so that you can clearly see every thought, action, and emotion and where it comes from. Thus becoming acutely aware so that you can consciously choose which energies to validate and which ones to let go to dissolve. After a relative short amount of time of using the L.E.O. Method you’ll become more and more in tune with your own natural intelligence while enhancing your own perspective on life; freeing yourself to live and experience life the way you want to be and live, especially now in this emerging Golden Age of Leisure.  

                                                                                        - Juan Ascencio

California & Colorado USA

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