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What You Need To Know About Meditation

( Image by Juuucy )

What you are about to read is going to sound pessimistic but I want to assure you that it isn't. So please take a moment to see that your pursuit of happiness is the reason why you can't feel happiness itself all the time. This is because happiness either exists now in your experience or it doesn't.

Can you feel and experience happiness in any other time other than in the reality of life right now in this moment? Of course not.

This is what Meditation and being Meditative is all about. The experiential reality of being truly loving and happy is the same as being meditative. There is no difference. When you find yourself being meditative -you are in your true mature power. Loving, creative, powerful, now.

However this is not meant to deny the fact that you may also experience the lows of life. Meaning the unhappiness or sadness that humans experience in life. In fact when you are more consciously meditative those lower emotional experiences will have a safe space within you to even enjoy them while they last because they will pass. Everything in life passes. Realizing this, consciously speaking, allows you the freedom to enjoy it all. Where even the ups and downs become a conduit for greater enjoyment of all that is life.

The 4.1 ITC (innergy transformation course) can help you speed the process of creating the inner energetic space for you to grow into your own organic power that can only be accessed from within you. This is because if you don't take the time to go within then you'll definitely go without.

In appreciation,

One Ascencio

LEO Method Innergy Coach

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