Juan Ascencio  |  L E O Method Instructor


Joyful, healthy, strong, is what the L.E.O. Method is designed to help you become by your own nature, and at the same time create the things and life that you truly want to enjoy.


For example, without the advent of technology like your smartphone or computer, would you be able to do all the things that you can do today?


So just like your smartphone, the LEO Method is an essential technology to have within your grasp so that you can directly and effectively create the experiences and life that you want to enjoy in reality. Otherwise, without this beneficial tool, it could take you years or even a lifetime for you to maybe see the fruition of what you desire. 

This is a unique technology that is not available in any other place in the world. The great thing about the L.E.O. Tech is that you can learn to use it anywhere, anytime, as I instruct you over the phone in the convenience of your own home or office (or in person if you prefer). 

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