A unique realtime-meditation that is only available here on During your meditation I will guide you in realtime, usually over the phone in the convenience of your home or office. I call this live meditation 'sharpen the mind' because it describes the mind in its most optimal state; that being when it is clear and sharp. Just like a blade, if you use the mind but don't clear it and sharpen it regularly it becomes cluttered and dull. Therefore it is vital that you learn to clear and sharpen the mind regularly otherwise it won't function in its most optimal state and thus you will feel negative or disempowered either mentally, emotionally, physically, or even energetically. 

This unique meditation will have an upgrading, transformative effect that will    experientially put you in a more direct Alpha State of consciousness. There are 4 cognitive states of awareness (Theta, Delta, Alpha and Beta) but the Alpha State is the most effective and conscious state to learn and heal. It's quick, empowering, and very effective. 

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California & Colorado USA

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