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La Corona / The Crown

In the beginning, over a millennia ago a mysterious and powerful group of people whom later became to be known as “La Corona” began to more experientially intergrade themselves with nature which became the intricate source of their supernatural health, strength and even intellectual evolution as a race of superb beings. One could see that everything on this planet including all the tools, cars, computers, homes, spaceships, cities, etc., come directly from nature. Is there anything that you can think of that human beings have in their direct possession today, including your adult body that did not come from the nourishment found out in nature?

During the earlier years of the developmental process of the people of La Corona’s ever evolving advancement in the harnessing of nature through their intellectual capabilities to create the things and life that most get to enjoy today, was the consequence of having a more direct experiential kinship with nature. Spending more and more time in meditation with nature La Corona learned how to create a clear and sharp mind. As a result they grew healthier and stronger by dealing with the actual reality of life’s dynamic challenges of those times.

They even created more love and compassion (meaning complete-passion) in their superhuman systems for all life. They learned how to forgive themselves and everyone else without compromise through nature by observing how the mechanics of the intelligence of life and the Vniverse functioned without the intervening of any limited mind’s perception. In nature they also experienced themselves becoming more blissfully free and not lost in the enslaving confines of their imaginative mental capabilities and or past experiences. They also became distinctly consciously-aware that others whom were unconsciously-aware made manifest with increased dysfunction their mental and emotional pain and suffering through the compulsive mechanics of their imagination of the future and the past memory aspects of their individual minds.

As La Corona got better and better equipped to ensure for their survival, they also began to become a little more distant from nature by spending more and more time in the comfort and safety of their manufactured homes, towns and cities. This convenience also allowed La Corona to spend more and more time to play with their intellectual capabilities to create more safety, security, and even more powerful wondrous technologies for themselves and future generations to come. Indeed, ensuring the safety and security of their loved one’s came out of their love and care for one another. However, from the very beginning of the process of their ever evolving capabilities guided by their great need to survive, certain individuals of La Corona also started to become distinctly aware that through mental-symbols that resembled objects or designs like those found in nature, could be harnessed in the mind. They discovered that through symbolism they could pass down and transmit this highly influential information to others whether knowingly or unknowingly. This process also allowed the younger generations to not miss out on the advancements that the older generation had obtain so that they could continue the work of enhancing the quality and survivability of their lives.

La Corona came to understand that the main and subconscious motivating factor in the human survival mechanism and just about every life form on Earth is “Fear”. After generations and generations of study and observation they became aware of the many different types of programs of fear and how they manifest in all life forms, including bacteria. One of the most debilitating forms of fear that La Corona observed in humans is the mental form of the “Fear of Death.” In their close observation the mental “Fear of Death” proved to be more painful and debilitating than the actual process of death itself. They realized that Fear is a vital subconscious survival mechanism in all life forms on Earth because all life forms want to live and preserve their physical forms. As La Corona became more and more intricate and sophisticated in their knowledge which gave them certain powers of observation and mental applications to manipulate environments in nature and even social situations for their own gain, it only made sense to first provide the harvest of essentials for themselves and loved ones and if there were any leftovers, especially if those essentials were perishable, then they could trade or share those leftovers with others.

The people of “La Corona” became so powerful with this specialized knowledge to manipulate their natural environment and even social situations that it was only passed down and trusted to a select few. By inference they grew more and more protective of this knowledge. This is because if this powerful knowledge fell into the wrong hands, it could be used against them. So again, out of fear and protection La Corona did what they had to do to protect themselves considering the lack of technology, conscious-awareness and limited communications in the larger scope of human beings during that time. At a certain point this is when the symbol of “La Corona”, in latin meaning; “The Crown. The symbol of the crown was created in Gold to be worn by a certain trusted individual of La Corona on top of his or her crown of the head, to infect or rather affect the conscious or unconscious minds of all of those who’d bowed down to it. By doing so, each of those who’d bow down to the crown would be rewarded with certain essentials to create a certain quality of life.

Thousands of years passed to the point that the powerful order of La Corona became so established that eventually it became too corrupted because of its effective automatic mechanisms to create results. The energy in the mechanism of its society was so powerful and effective that it unknowingly deemed itself more important than even LIFE itself. Certain individuals of La Corona by their own natural individual growth and development of their consciousness began to mature and directly recognize this corruption first hand. Under the corruption, power, and rule of law of La Corona there was no room for growth nor were new ideas allowed within its parameters.

So instead of living through the slow painful self-destruction and needless suffering of the paradigm of La Corona, suddenly and without notice factions of LA Corona left the land of the old world to seek out and create a new world. A new country, with a new and uncertain world order. A home for and of the free and the brave enough. This new and uncertain country became so powerful and influential on the planet because of its life inspired spiritual culture based on the principles of “Freedom” that is directly found in the creative intelligence of nature itself and the principle of an individual’s “Pursuit of Happiness”, meaning the individual’s right to connect to the spiritual intelligence and creator of all life on Earth… to never bow down to any crown or entity, foreign or domestic, or any fear that threatens their individual “Freedom” and individual “Pursuit of Happiness”.

Unfortunately the dark shadowy side of this ancient knowledge gave its wielder or wielders the ability to subconsciously infiltrate or infect the minds of those whom are unconsciously-aware, much like how a virus flourishes in people with weak immune systems. As a protective tactical method they became competent on how to manipulate fear to sabotage an individuals mental intelligence as well as compromise his or her physical health and strength by consistently over stressing out their immune systems with techniques and technologies, leaving him or her unknowingly vulnerable to dis-ease, being duped, enslaved, or easily destroyed.

Thus to protect themselves the people of the new world began entering a new golden era to once again intergrade themselves with the creative and empowering intelligence of nature. They helped one another by reminding one another not to fall victim to their old predecessors unconscious and decadent life styles by starting a ritual fire outside or burning a candle at home inside and say:

"Meditate to go within or you'll go without."

Full Disclosure: This is a fictional story.

Much Joy, Health, Wealth & Strength,

One Ascencio | L.E.O. Method Instructor

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