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How Expressing Negative Emotions Empowers Women But Destroys Men

Ancient Wisdom has shown, and now Modern Science is showing, the differences of biological chemistry between Men and Women and how these differences are very important in bringing them together to substantiate the quality of basically all human relations. There is also a lot more to this topic in particular when it comes to negative emotions and how they need to be dealt with differently by both men and women to create favorable outcomes. So I’ll try to make this post as short and informative as possible to get to the fruit of this subject matter.

We now know that Men need to learn to not repress or express most of their negative thoughts and emotions, but to “dissolve” them through relaxation in order to create higher levels of Testosterone (the masculine hormone that creates prowess and physical strength). In fact men need to naturally reproduce 30% more Testosterone in their systems than women. Science has shown that when men whom express or repress negative emotions such as anger, frustration, even sadness, and so on, not that it is wrong to express such emotions, but in doing so they actually produce an enzyme called Aromatase which converts Testosterone into Estrogen, the female hormone. Its been proven in studies across the world that men who are depressed have shown to have very low levels of Testosterone across the board.

The conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen in men is probably a safety mechanism, otherwise men would probably become way, way, too destructive if their Testosterone levels were fueled by negativity such as anger, or frustration and so on. Estrogen is the female hormone that enhances the chemistry and life energies of the female body. In other words, men: by allowing yourself to create and express or repress negative emotions you are also fundamentally turning into a more feminine physiology by your own chemistry. The more Estrogen that a man has in his system, the more stress he develops in his more masculine body through the chemical hormone called Cortisol, which also leads to all sorts of disorders like heart disease, depression and many others.

Today there's a disturbing trend on blood tests in both young and older men alike, they are actually producing more and more blood-work that comes back looking less and less like that of a normal healthy male and more like the blood of a woman! There are many elements like plastics and other synthetic chemicals found even in our food and clothing that are contributing to the excess reproduction of Estrogen in men and women worldwide. Thankfully there are also certain powerful herbal supplements like those found "here" that have been proven to safely remove artificially reproduced excess Estrogen in both Men and Women.

However when it comes to relationships and quality of life, men need to do more manly things that they enjoy like playing sports, hanging out with friends, learning new trades and skills, laughing and telling jokes, meditation, massage, fire pit gatherings, BBQ’s, etc. All of these things are absolutely important for men to create more rest and relaxation in their lives because rest and relaxation creates clarity and sharpness of mind, which also allows for the natural reproduction of Testosterone in men to regenerate their physical strength and vital life energies. Believe it or not, men need 20 to 30 times more mental clarity and relaxation in their bodies than women do in order to regenerate their masculine body’s life energies even at the cellular level because of their body’s physical density. In a nut shell men tend to become mentally and emotionally weak without naturally reproduced sufficient levels of Testosterone.

Women, on the other hand, need a lot more Estrogen than men but too much Estrogen can also create disorders in women which is normally balanced by their natural reproduction of Progesterone (aka pregnancy hormone) in women's menstrual cycles. In fact the more Testosterone a woman has in her system the less Estrogen her body will create and the more Cortisol (the"stress hormone") she'll produce. This will only lead to her feeling more stressed and unhappy. Sure it may definitely feel good on a physical level for a woman to create high levels of Testosterone in their bodies that generates bigger muscles and bone density in them; however, science and studies around the world have also shown that women who have high levels of Testosterone can become coldly aggressive in intimate relationships and even highly successful in business, though their levels of happiness and fulfillment in life tend to drop down dramatically. In addition their levels of stress tend to explode and create all sorts of mental and physical disorders.

So one powerful way for women to become happy is to naturally reproduce higher levels of Oxytocin (the love/bonding/happiness chemical) balanced with Estrogen in their systems by learning to consciously connect with and express their needs as well as their negative thoughts and emotions. This definitely does not mean to complain about or repress their needs, negative thoughts or emotions, but to create stronger bonds of trust by genuinely expressing themselves with their loved ones. This naturally feminine intelligent process in women optimizes their systems to regenerate the female chemical hormones of Estrogen and even higher levels of Oxytocin which is also known to occur during child birth and even create stronger bonds in intimate relationships, higher levels of happiness, and even greater sexual satisfaction for women.

Men need higher levels of Testosterone than Women to live well. Women need higher levels of Estrogen and Oxytocin (the love/bond chemical) than Men to be happy. Ladies, just fyi Men are not here to make you happy. In fact, nobody can make you happy, only you can do that. Men can only add to your happiness which is one of the main things that Men truly enjoy, to be recognized and appreciated for making you and their loved ones happier. It is my understanding thus far that Men need more mental clarity and physical relaxation than women to live well. Women need more trust and love than men to be able to express their unhappiness to be able to experience and live happily.

In essence, it’s important that both modern Men and Women become aware that the dynamics of our requirements for a good quality way of life has changed dramatically in the last few decades. It is very important to acknowledge that when any new challenges or problems arise in our day to day lives, they must be handled consciously in accordance to what the individual needs to do in order to create the most favorable outcome as either a Man or a Woman. It will take some practice to develop these new necessary relationship skills but they are worth the time and effort because the results are almost instantaneous. For instance, if a new challenge arises, it’s vital for women to consciously express their thoughts and feelings about them so they can create a greater sense of love and trust with their loved ones which also leads to their happiness.

On the other hand, when a new challenge or problem arises for Men, they need to take the time to create clarity in their minds and emotions so that they can create relaxation in their bodies, which allows them to take clear and sharp action (if they need to but not always) to resolve the problem as quickly and effectively as possible so that they can come back to relaxation and clarity to create strength and wellbeing within themselves.

The Relationship Master himself, Dr. John Gray

To your relationships,

Juan Ascencio / L.E.O. Method Instructor

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