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The ONE Thing You Need To Do To Be Truly Happy

Become a solution for yourself and others, that’s it. That's the BIG secret to becoming complete and truly happy. In fact it's the most basic foundation for any empowered human being. Fortunately, it’s no longer a secret, but there are two conscious processes that need to take place inside of you in order for you to manifest this successful state. Most likely, however, you may not be aware that you are the main problem to yourself. This is the reason why you experience so much unhappiness and quite possibly live in a continual state of emotional turmoil. Otherwise you’d be joyful all the time. So, “how do I become a solution instead of a problem?” A reasonable question.

Well, first we must find out what it is that makes you into a problem. Let’s say you are by yourself and you feel bored or unpleasant in some way. Isn’t it obvious then that you’re in bad company? If you hang out with others who pretty much relate to you on this negative emotional level, then like them it could be very easy to think that the problem is normal and outside of your control, because that is what everyone else thinks as well.

The truth is, you never feel emotions, whether good or bad, outside of you. Never. You always feel them inside of you. Whether they are negative or positive emotions depends only on the programs under which your mind interprets either the person, place, situation, thing, and/or life to be. This is the basis of how you emote, and thus create your own individual experience. For instance, what one person could experience as the most horrible thing that could ever happen to them, another person could experience that very same thing as the wonderful event they have been waiting for. Either way, you create your own emotional energy inside of you depending on how you interpret it. It’s never the event, person, place or thing outside of you who does that.

I hope you can see what I’m pointing to right now. See, there are two processes that need to take place in order for you to be happy no matter what. First is the removal of ‘disempowering, negative’ programs (aka beliefs) or conditioned interpretations that your mind uses to make sense of life. Generally, these negative programs were initiated early in your childhood as a mental mechanism called ‘Fear’ to assist you in your survival. Fear is a very vital mechanism in your developmental years because otherwise you would not be able to survive on the planet for long without it. Still, as a more mature adult that has acquired several years of experience on this planet and as a result has established a fair amount of wisdom and intuitive capabilities within yourself, with no mom or dad to tell you what to do, fear becomes a hindrance. It can sabotage your intelligence and keep you from using your hard earned wisdom and intuitive capabilities to freely guide your intelligence to create and live your life the way you want to live it.

In the I offer a process in which I instruct an individual to dissolve years of painful emotional negativity and/or disempowering beliefs, usually within minutes and not months or years as many might think. Dissolving blockages and painful emotions can bring clarity and relief which is the foundation required to experience joy or happiness, but that foundation by itself does not create happiness. Happiness means different things to different people but ultimately no matter what happiness means to you, you need to be able to reach a certain level of success or accomplishment in order for you to experience happiness.

Whether that success or accomplishment is something as small as learning to speak your first language or being able to fly into outer space in your own spaceship. Otherwise, obviously, you will not experience happiness. So in order to be able to reach a certain level of success in whatever you choose to do, you must develop skill. When you become skillful in whatever endeavor you choose, you begin to experience certain levels of joy and happiness in your chosen pursuit, but if you haven’t developed the necessary foundation as described earlier for happiness or joy to flourish, then your happiness or joy no matter how grand, will be short-lived and can actually turn into a fruitless pursuit void of anything worthwhile. This generally happens because of the fear based negative programs that you developed for your survival as a child. Yet if those old programs are not deleted, eventually they will sabotage your intelligence in countless ways along with your ability to act in your own power and work freely.

The LEO Method is one quick and effective type of Inner-Work that will help you establish "the one thing" in yourself as the foundation for happiness to flourish in your life. So far, you’re the only one that has created your emotions, your energy, your body and your life, nobody else. Now it is time that you do it consciously.

To your Happiness,

One Ascencio


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