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The ONE Thing You Need To Do To Be Truly Happy

Become a solution for yourself and others, that’s it. That's the BIG secret to becoming complete and truly happy. In fact it's the most basic foundation for any empowered human being. Fortunately, it’s no longer a secret, but there are two conscious processes that need to take place inside of you in order for you to manifest this successful state. Most likely, however, you may not be aware that you are the main problem to yourself. This is the reason why you experience so much unhappiness and quite possibly live in a continual state of emotional turmoil. Otherwise you’d be joyful all the time. So, “how do I become a solution instead of a problem?” A reasonable question.

Well, first we must find out what it is that makes you into a problem. Let’s say you are by yourself and you feel bored or unpleasant in some way. Isn’t it obvious then that you’re in bad company? If you hang out with others who pretty much relate to you on this negative emotional level, then like them it could be very easy to think that the problem is normal and outside of your control, because that is what everyone else thinks as well.