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La Gran Persona / The Great Mask

Persona; from Latin meaning ‘mask, or character brought to life’

With the L.E.O. Method, one can now recognize that the persona or the personality is an entity that most people have unconsciously created through the imaginary program of Fear, or in more scientific terms, the Theta Brainwave State of awareness. The Theta Brainwave State is the very beginning of a child’s state of awareness during his/hers developmental years which is primarily imaginary, unconscious and limited only to what he/she considers to be “ME”, the beginning of the individual’s personality. This also marks the beginning of the survival mechanism of FEAR which creates the ego (the persona) identity, which is unconscious and its beliefs/programs that keep it alive, and in place to help the individual child survive as they learn about the many elements, laws, and different dynamics of Life through his/her own experience.

Fear is the vital subconscious safety survival mechanism in a developing child’s mind that allows him/her to physically learn and develop.

However if an individual doesn’t learn to dissolve his/her own FEAR in order to create the necessary sharpness and clarity of mind by the time he or she is roughly 16 years old, or old enough to be considered an adult and responsible for his her own actions, then in many different ways the survival program of FEAR will continuously sabotage his/her own intelligence and keep the individual from doing the right things the individual needs to do in order to be, live, and create the favorable outcomes that they see themselves enjoying in real life.

This is a very powerful technology to have in your arsenal because in the process of learning to dissolve Fear, you also learn to dissolve the unconscious limited personality that you unknowingly created as a child through Fear and begin to feel an alleviation from its subconscious “heaviness” and limitations that one tends to experience from time to time. As its density becomes “lighter” once again, it becomes more malleable as well, but this time with the help of the L.E.O. Method you are now creating your persona or personality “Consciously” so that it can assist you to be, live, and create the favorable outcomes and things that you see yourself enjoying in real life. It truly is an upgrade, one that allows you to use your intelligence to create a more “Consciously” creative, benign and responsibly empowered personality. A persona that actually feels empowered by whom you truly are.

This is a fantastic technology that you now have within your grasp and one which is not so readily available to many. In the meantime you are going to need a little instruction and assistance to learn how to effectively use this technology and begin your transformation. All you have to do now is sign up for the “L.E.O 4.1 Life Transformation Course” today.

Your L.E.O. Method Instructor,

Juan Ascencio

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