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Humanity: The Most Sophisticated State Of Intelligence

In my estimate thus far there appears to be 4 Vniversal forms of languages that can best express our common humanity; that is 1. Sound balanced with 2. Silence, or 3. Movement balanced with 4. Stillness. One can relate Pride with sound or movement and Humility with silence or stillness.

Silence and stillness encompass everything in existence, everywhere on the planet and throughout the known cosmos. One can notice it more vibrantly in nature like in the ever so palpable silence of a forest or mountaintop, and even in your bedroom when you turn everything off and you just sit or lay there in silence. One can also definitely recognize it out there in the luminous darkness of space if you observe how it holds all the planets, stars, galaxies, black-holes, and other extraordinary phenomena in their place out there in the Vniverse. Maybe that’s the reason it's been said, “silence is the language God speaks.”

One can also observe that silence is what allows sounds like music to exist. The deeper the silence is felt the higher the quality of the sound is experienced. Silence is actually the most essential element that allows sounds to have their different tones and qualities manifest out into reality. By the same token without sound there would be no awareness of silence, or at least it would appear that silence did not exist at all. That there’d be no awareness of the original base of creation, much less the creator.

Yes, I have to say that the creator is right there in your silence and stillness. This is why I created the technology and practice of “Sharpening the Mind,” a specific meditation process to help make the creator in you conscious of who you truly are, in your living reality.

So in deep introspect, you need to take pride in your Humanity, your appearance, thoughts, words, and even actions to polish your personality in the wake of the morning of your everyday life. However you need to personally balance the pride of your Humanity with humility in order to more powerfully manifest the creator’s beauty, love, and Vniversal intelligence out into everyday reality. This is why I continuously practice “Sharpening the Mind,” to assist me in becoming more and more consciously-aware of whom I truly am. This is the challenge that the creator in us, created for our Humanity to evolve. However this must be completely embraced by you as an individual, if you don't want to continue to live under the enslavement of your own limited beliefs and allow the humbling truth and reality of who you truly are to flourish in your ordinary everyday life, in the right here and now, to become an experiential living reality for you.

Juan Ascencio / Life Energy Instructor

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