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Living In The Age Of Leisure

This may come as a surprise to most of us; the ‘right here and right now’ realization that ‘Utopia’ is no longer an idea in our minds, but rather that we are literally already living in it. Take our technology: how advanced it really is. Where the kings, queens and rulers of the not so distant past could not have even conceive a reality where a common citizen on this planet would have the power to manifest just about anything they desire or need, from exotic foods around the world, sexual encounters, to quite possibly the complete annihilation of this planet, all with a single push of a button. Reflect on that for a little bit...

One can verily see that we are the most technologically advanced as well as the most comfortable generation in the history of our current humanity. Even then, one can also see that we're also the most whiny and depressed generation to the point that even children as young as they are, are committing suicide at alarming rates around the world. Isn’t apparent there is something very off? That the stress caused by our modern way of life is not