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Living In The Age Of Leisure

This may come as a surprise to most of us; the ‘right here and right now’ realization that ‘Utopia’ is no longer an idea in our minds, but rather that we are literally already living in it. Take our technology: how advanced it really is. Where the kings, queens and rulers of the not so distant past could not have even conceive a reality where a common citizen on this planet would have the power to manifest just about anything they desire or need, from exotic foods around the world, sexual encounters, to quite possibly the complete annihilation of this planet, all with a single push of a button. Reflect on that for a little bit...

One can verily see that we are the most technologically advanced as well as the most comfortable generation in the history of our current humanity. Even then, one can also see that we're also the most whiny and depressed generation to the point that even children as young as they are, are committing suicide at alarming rates around the world. Isn’t apparent there is something very off? That the stress caused by our modern way of life is not exactly conducive to human well being, peace, or much less happiness. If anything, the opposite is happening, where people are becoming more and more dependent on both legal and illegal drugs, alcohol, and other vices, as well as experiencing tremendous dissatisfaction with their lives no matter how high the level of achievement, money, or success one reaches. At this point in the evolution of human potential, achievements and limitations are proving to be false beliefs and of no true consequence when it comes to one’s true happiness, health, and quality of life. There’s simply no end to them.

Roughly about four months ago one of my favorite music bands, Linkin Park recently lost their lead singer Chester Bennington. He was discovered dead on the morning of July 20, 2017 by hanging himself. I believe that the public was pretty aware of his experience with sexual abuse as a child as well as his drug and drinking problems in the past. It was reported that the police also found a partially empty bottle of alcohol in the bedroom where he died. In recent years I’ve been stunned almost to tears by the amount of suicides amongst professional artists like one of my favorite film directors Tony Scott, (movies: Days of Thunder, Top Gun, Man on Fire, Domino, Crimson Tide, and on and on) who jumped off a bridge in Los Angeles, CA in August of 2012, where the autopsy confirmed he had anti-depressants and sleeping pills in his system before jumping off the bridge. Not to mention the world weeping over Robin Williams’s suicide on August 11, 2014, where he hanged himself with a belt and died of asphyxiation. According to the coroner there were no illegal drugs or alcohol present in his system but all prescribed medications were at therapeutic levels.

In retrospect there are many variables to consider as to when a human being decides to end his or her own life, but at the very core I think we can all agree that their peace of mind and or level of happiness was probably very low to non-existent. And rightfully so. How many of us here in the U.S. in particular are educated to cultivate, or at least comprehend how important it is to have a more clear and optimistic mind set in order to be able to experience a more exuberant, joyful, and peaceful life?

Now considering all of the dynamics that take place in order to keep our current civilization alive, the pressure, the business, the accomplishments, the grading and comparing of those superior to those inferior on many levels and not just intellectual or physical. The idolization to “work hard”, “become someone in the world”, “make money”, “get married”, “have a college education”, etc., or else you’re useless or worse. What could one realistically expect from humanity as a whole from such a demanding culture besides continuous discontent?

Fortunately there are solutions, technologies/tools, that I use everyday that connects me to the intuitive or innate-intelligence that everyone has to help bring balance and clarity to their lives. In reality if it wasn’t for these technologies & the recognition of this innate-intelligence I wouldn’t have created the LEO (life energy optimization) Method and you wouldn’t be reading this. See the LEO Method is about transformation. It’s not about change or changing who you are, but transforming yourself into the ultimate version of who you already are. It is a technology for the evolution of the self realization process where one can have the opportunity to become enlightened, to go beyond the cocoon, the safety like structures of the mind, sort of speak. Think about this real quick: what happens to a larvae if it doesn’t break out of the safety of its cocoon?

As it stands, our technology has surpassed our level of human consciousness, leaving it behind in the past somewhere in the 1800’s or who knows where. In any event, if our human consciousness doesn’t evolve or grow up to catch up at least to our technology, then humanity is going to end up being like children playing with matches. Unfortunately that is where we as a species are at right now, and since you represent humanity then you as an individual must choose a method that best helps you to evolve and empower you to create your life the way you actually want to live it. The LEO Method is one readily available to you right now so you can actually start to enjoy and thrive in this ‘Golden Age of Leisure’.


One Ascencio | LEO Method Creator

Primal Force Products Affiliate

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