We Create The World, We Can Change It At Will

September 30, 2017

It's been said, "Your life is your Karma". In Sanskrit Karma literally means Action.  


This is why I created the L E O (life energy optimization) Method  because it gives you the direct opportunity to transform and create your life. One of its techniques comprises of the understanding of the mechanics of meaning and interpretation. In other words the meanings you give to events, people, places, and things. Once we discover the true root of a certain belief, or the meaning that you unknowingly tend to give to anything which can be called a 'negative emotional conditioning' or 'occurring' in life that makes you feel bad or disempowered in some way; it can be eliminated and along with it its emotional energy. It's when you consciously perceive anything in life, that the quality of it changes.    


Let’s take a look at fear for instance. Fear is a protective subconscious mechanism, a sort of mental-protective-cocoon that begins to develop in children’s minds in order to help them survive, understand boundaries, and even begin to make sense of the world to some extent. Without this psychological construct some children would be and have been considered to be “mentally handicapped”. Because of a child’s recent birth, the child needs time to learn and develop its own intelligence through his/her wisdom and intuitive faculties as they grow up and experience life, which often leads to a more conscious state of intelligence from a lesser conscious or unconscious state of intelligence.


However, until these faculties are somewhat developed in young adults, the individual with their underdeveloped state of consciousness cannot take responsibility for their actions or ignorance. How can you know you ignore things when your state of consciousness is underdeveloped? That’s why parents or some authority figure is usually in charge and responsible for the youth until their general legal age of 16 or 18 depending on the part of the world you live in. 


However, once an individual reaches a certain age, they must begin to dissolve this protective mental cocoon called fear, which did in fact protect and was vital in the development of the human mind. It’s very much like a larvae during the process of its transformation into a butterfly: it must break out of the safety of its cocoon in order to fly and live freely; otherwise it cannot fly. The construct of fear in the mind is also like that of a mother, in a way: it wants to protect you and not let you be on your own because its fearful of your survival, so you subconsciously listen to it. The mechanism works and protects you under "Fear" much like a cocoon and hinders you. 


Unfortunately, the Fear mechanism in a more developed adult mind and sometimes even in much younger individuals, can after a certain time begin to manifest into dysfunctional behavior and mental disorders, or at the very least it can impede in the development of their intelligence and life energy. 


In order for the individual human being to be able to continuously develop and experience greater states of freedom and enjoyment of life, the individual must consciously dissolve the fear mechanism in the mind and turn it into the basic instinctual alarm system it's supposed to be, with the basic foundation of mental clarity or peace (aka peace of mind). Without a clear and peaceful mind, one cannot enjoy anything, not even food, much less experience happiness.


When you have a peaceful or more spacial vibrational mental outlook, you can enjoy just about anything come heaven or hell, and even use your ever-developing wisdom and intuitive faculties to direct your intelligence to take more powerful and correct action. Whether that means confronting a wild animal out in nature and taking action for your survival, or having a more civilized conversation with another human being to come to a mutually benefiting agreement or deal.  


As an individual, you will still feel sensations and vulnerability through your humanity, and still have many new experiences in life. Even things that don't ultimately work for you may occur, but there won’t be any fearful labeling such as an "error" or "failure" which gets in the way of taking more consciously-aware action towards the development and enjoyment of life. In fact the egocentricities of a fearful childlike state in other humans will be looked upon with more compassion, humor and even clarity.


Today this is a real possibility for the evolution of our species! You can begin to create the possibility of transformation happening right now if you simply take a moment and observe what thoughts and feelings continuously pop up when things feel off or bad in some way. Ask yourself often: are my thoughts pleasant or unpleasant? Then write them down and describe them, because that’s how you emote and create emotions as well as your own individual reality.  


By the way, if you're experiencing consistently unpleasant thoughts or emotions in your daily life then would it be a bad idea for you to set up an appointment with me by clicking on the L E O Method to dissolve them?  



Juan Ascencio

L E O Method Creator 


Click here to schedule your first consultation where I will help you dissolve at least one disempowering belief and or emotional conditioning.







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