Nikken Wellness Technologies. Our Top 10 Favorite Products


Our home is sprinkled liberally with Nikken products. Over the past couple years, they have had such a positive influence on our well-being and lifestyle, that we were inspired to become distributors and feature the products on our online wellness company, Pastiche Wellness Solutions. We’re often asked what we recommend from Nikken, but it depends on the individuals we’re talking with. So we’ve assembled a list of our top 10 favorites that have had the most influence on us on a regular basis and can be found in our own home.


  1. Nikken PiMag Waterfall

  2. Nikken Kenzen Vital Balance

  3. Nikken PiMag® MicroJet™ Shower System

  4. Nikken Kenko Mattress Topper

  5. Nikken Kenko PowerSleep Masks

  6. Nikken mSteps® Magnetic Insoles

  7. Nikken Kenzen Joint

  8. Nikken KenkoAir Purifier

  9. Nikken KenkoTherm DUK Tape

  10. Nikken Kenzen Ten4


1. PiMag Waterfall



What Is It? The PiMag Waterfall System is the most economical and advanced alternative to bottled water…it’s definitely more convenient, and beats out leading brands by not only meeting and exceeding water filtration standards, but by balancing the pH of the water and adding a blend of minerals that makes it highly absorbable for the body.


Why We Love It: We experienced a cleansing effect when we began drinking PiMag water followed by an improvement in our skin clarity, energy, & hydration levels. It feels like we don’t have to drink as much water in order to stay hydrated: we generally drink about a half a gallon per day, as opposed to formerly drinking at least a gallon of regular bottled water just to keep our lips from chapping in our dry deserty Palm Springs, CA climate. For filtered water on the go, check out the PiMag Sports Bottle.


How To Enjoy It:  Not only do we drink it, but we find it more helpful than regular tap water for cleaning & dusting with. And we’re not the only fans….our dog loves it. We give him PiMag water to drink and also use the PiMag shower filter to bathe him for cleaner fur and less itchy skin. 


Shop the PiMag Waterfall system here.




2. Kenzen Vital Balance

What Is It? Kenzen Vital Balance is an organic-based meal replacement drink mix that offers plant based protein, probiotics, greens, vitamins, minerals, and medium-chain triglycerides for maximum absorption. 


Why We Love It: In our failure to re-order it on time, we’ve run out of Kenzen Vital Balance several times (hint: sign up for autoship), and each time we notice a marked decrease in our energy levels as well as our immunity. The first time we thought we were crazy, then the second time it happened again, and the third, and so on. Now we just always have one on hand. Unlike most protein shakes, it’s not in the least bit gummy or disturbing in texture, and we actually look forward to drinking it in the morning. It’s the most comprehensive, nutritionally complete meal replacement mix we’ve yet discovered on the market. 


How To Enjoy It: It's available in vanilla or chocolate. We usually drink ours in the morning, blended with either PiMag water, organic milk, or almond milk. Sometimes we add in some cocoa, maca powder, fruit, or whatever else strikes our fancy, but it’s enjoyable and powerful by itself and curbs our appetite while helping to elevating our energy and mood.


Shop Kenzen Vital Balance here.



3. PiMag® MicroJet™ Shower System


 What Is It? We absorb more water through our skin than we do by drinking it, so it became a no-brainer that we needed to upgrade the quality of water we were washing our bodies with. Heavy doses of chlorine, heavy metals, and even chromium-6 can be present in municipal water, and the PiMag MicroJet Shower System features advanced redox and magnetic technology, reducing chlorine and other toxins by over 90% with no added chemicals, while mineralizing the water and enhancing the water’s pH levels with its exclusive PiMag technology for softer, more hydrated skin and hair. The shower heads easily attach to your existing shower system.





Why We Love It: The micro-bubbles and adjustable jets make for a massaging and invigorating shower experience, and it’s been much kinder on our hair and skin. Brigit no longer experiences itchy skin after her showers, and Juan loves the exhilarating powerful stream of the microjet setting.



How To Enjoy It: It seems pretty self-explanatory but you must strip down, turn on the water, and enjoy ;)





Shop the PiMag MicroJet Shower System here.



4. Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper


What Is It? You see that thick layer on top of the mattress in the picture above? That's the Kenko Naturest Dynaflux Mattress Topper, it combines advanced sleep-fabric technology with natural, environmentally friendly materials for an unparalleled sleep experience. DynaFlux Magnetic Technology produces a series of magnetic fields, covering a full 360 degrees in three dimensions for a subtle massaging effect, and the responsive latex base layer material enfolds and supports your entire body with far-infrared & negative-ion technology as well.


Why We Love It: We love how supportive and rejuvenating it is on the spine and body, as well as the "light massage" feeling. We’re also tickled that there are no chemicals, synthetic fibers, pesticides, or insecticides used in the cover’s natural fibers.


We must mention though; if you have any electrical devices in your body it's recommended you ask your doctor if the Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper is safe for you because of the magnetic materials in this product.


How To Use It: 1) Lie down (on it). 2) Close your eyes. 3) Wake up rejuvenated. 4) Repeat.


Shop the Kenko Naturest Mattress System here.




5. Kenko PowerSleep Masks

What Is It? It may look like something out of 50 Shades of Grey, but we use them for refreshing 20-minute naps or assisting us in falling asleep at night. 


Why We Love It: Every time we put them on, we experience a relaxing, meditative sensation. It relaxes and rejuvenates our tired eyes between work sessions on our laptops. We also enjoy letting friends try them on and watching them knock out in just a few minutes, still seated on our couch. 


How We Enjoy It: No matter how you use them, we’re not going to judge you, but we recommend power naps and meditation sessions with these awesome, powerful masks :)


Shop the Kenko sleep masks here.




6. Nikken Magnetic Insoles

What Is It? Nikken’s Kenko magnetic insoles (mSteps & mStrides) have strategically shaped and placed 450-gauss magnetic nodules to provide your entire body with the benefits of an energizing foot massage. They inspired the inception of the Nikken company back in 1975 and have since been enjoyed by millions of happy feet worldwide.


Why We Love It: Whether we’re walking, working out, or sitting down, we feel the effects of the magnetic & massaging features. For us, they’ve been far more durable than other leading insole brands. They make long days less fatiguing and add a comfortable kick to our hikes and workout sessions.


How To Enjoy It: Trim the insoles to fit comfortably inside your shoe, and enjoy where your day takes you. You can easily move them between pairs of shoes, or order extra pairs for added convenience.


Shop the Kenko Magnetic Insole options here.




7. Kenzen Joint

What Is It? Kenzen Joint is an advanced formulation that nutritionally supports collagen, bone & connective tissue repair, with the addition of CM Complex endorsed by the estate of H.W. Diehl, the National Institutes of Health researcher who developed cetyl myristoleate.


Why We Love It: After only taking it for a few days, we noticed more fluidity in our joints. Juan felt more free and limber while practicing his regular workouts and while teaching his martial arts classes. Brigit noticed less joint-clicking and discomfort in a residual neck injury. We were amazed at how little time it seemed to take to notice results.


How To Enjoy It: The formula has a high concentration of cetyl myristoleate and combines this with glucosamine, methylsufonylmethane and compounds from the boswellia plant, which has long been used in Ayurvedic and other complementary practices. Nikken recommends taking 3 softgels per day, preferably one with each meal.

Shop the Kenzen Joint supplement here.




8. KenkoAir Purifier (while supplies last)

What Is It? The KenkoAir Purifier delivers clinically clean, naturally fresh air to your home or office environment with the delightful addition of ozone-free negative ion technology. Negative ions are found in nature and contribute a natural relaxing sense of well-being. It’s more effective than even a HEPA filter, the standard for nuclear laboratories and hospital operating rooms.


Why We Love It: Not only does this attractive, very quiet little air filter add a foresty-fresh feeling to our home, but it does a great job of eliminating dust and pet dander from our furry cohorts. We run it regularly for a cleaner environment and a more restful night’s sleep.


How To Enjoy It: The KenkoAir is Energy Star rated for lower operating costs, so enjoy it freely throughout the day for best results. A sensor light will notify you when it’s time for a filter change, and it’s portable and lightweight for easily transferring between rooms or while housecleaning.


Shop the KenkoAir purifier here.





9. KenkoTherm DUK Tape

What Is It? Nikken’s KenkoTherm DUK Tape is a kinetic, athletic support tape with exclusive Far-Infrared and Negative-Ion Technologies. It’s designed to support and comfort stressed muscles & joints while allowing freedom of movement and a comfortable, temperature regulating breathability. 


Why We Love It: It’s the most comfortable support tape we’ve used as it’s soft, stretchable, and crazy durable – enjoy it for up to 5 days and don’t worry about it coming off during showers, swimming, or sweat sessions. We experience instant relief and it’s gotten us through some uncomfortable injuries and strains.


How To Enjoy It: Cut to any desired length and simply place where desired. It has reliable adhesion from beginning to end, and while it is water-resistant, it’s easily removed when you’re ready to part with it. It works well with the PowerChip or PowerMinis for extra support.


Shop the KenkoTherm DUK Tape here.




10. Kenzen Ten4


What Is It? Kenzen Ten4 is not only a natural energy drink mix, but also a nutritional supplement with organic matcha green tea and one of the most nutrient-dense superfruits, the New Zealand kiwi, as well as non-synthetic B-vitamins and 80 mg of natural caffeine. If that isn’t cool enough, it helps to burn calories, boost metabolism & support mental alertness.


Why We Love It: It doesn’t give us jitters or road rage and we enjoy a nice blast of relaxing energy and additional clarity. It’s easy to enjoy on the go with the little individual packets and has a pleasant melon tea taste. Plus, we appreciate the organic-based ingredients and the lack of artificial sugars, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. 


How To Enjoy It: Simply mix a packet of Ten4 with 4-6 ounces of water, shake or mix thoroughly, and enjoy – it’s only 25 calories and you’ll experience up to 6 hours of natural energy.


Shop Kenzen Ten4 drink mix here.




That's it...our top 10 favorite Nikken products. It wasn’t an easy selection to make, but we had to start somewhere and we’re eager to hear about your experiences with them. You can find more amazing products Nikken products if you register for free here. We welcome all your your questions and comments ,so please feel free to contact us. 




To your health, strength, and wellness,


-Juan & Brigit  |  Pastiche Wellness Solutions 




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