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Sex, Drugs, And Meditation

Sex, the internet, video games, T.V., electronics, sugar, and drugs, all have an actual chemical effect on the human body and brain. They create extra high levels of a chemical called "dopamine". Dopamine is the natural reward, the feel good chemical that the body creates in the brain that causes you to stay focused and attentive to life.

Yeah... so?

See, positive organic interactions with people, family, & friends, and playing out in nature also create natural levels of dopamine. However, when you’re used to watching videos, surfing or chatting online, or over consuming sugars like bottled fruit juices or sodas, potato-chips or conventional bread for instance, all these things create exogenous high levels of dopamine in your system, which unfortunately also causes the brain natural dopamine receptors to atrophy. Up to 30% of your receptors can be lost almost instantly with exogenic dopamine. Meaning that your body will need 3 times higher levels of stimulation through sugars or other vices just to be able to get you your regular natural levels of dopamine (the feel good chemical) because of your brains weakened receptors.

Over time the body’s need for these treats or vices will continue to get higher and higher where your brain's natural dopamine receptors will continue to get smaller and smaller, until those treats and vices basically become an uncontrollable addiction because of your brain’s inability to create the natural sustainable levels of dopamine that the body-brain connection needs. This is when life can really feel off and turn it into a mess. Porn for instance, is another popular vice that tends to create super high exogenic levels of dopamine which is why it also can become an addiction, especially in men. In fact dopamine is the reason why sex can become an addiction for many.

"Over time the body’s need for these treats or vices will continue to get higher and higher because your brains natural dopamine receptors will continue to get smaller and smaller."

Here’s something else that is interesting: sugar has been found to create as much dopamine in the brain as cocaine!(3) Yes, booger-sugar. No wonder this country is so out of shape, we're basically addicted to crack. This may be also why children don’t listen to their parents as much as they used to because parents have been replaced by extreme sugary foods, smartphones or other similar electronics and vices. They have become addicted to them and have replaced the natural dopamine chemical reaction that was once created by simply attaining a parents personal attention. Children instead will randomly scream and throw a fit if they don't get to play with their electronics, just like a junky would throw a fit on the streets of downtown L.A. if they don't get their fix. It's literally painful for them not to get their fix.

However, humans are actually designed to consume some sugar, which can create a youthful healthy layer of fat on the body, particularly like in the winter to keep warm. Too much sugar which is found in just about all our modern prepackaged and pre-made foods, makes us overweight and lazy in the long run and can create diseases like obesity and diabetes. I think we all know that everything should be handled with moderation to create balance... but... How do we bring balance to our extreme need for sugar, social media and technology, especially nowadays?

Well, it’s definitely a challenge but there’s also a simple fix. Here’s a solution that is making extraordinary waves in the scientific community. There’s a practice called “Meditation” which looks like doing nothing but that’s not exactly true. This mental/physical practice can actually help increase and even regenerate your dopamine receptors(2) to naturally recreate dopamine in your brain. While meditating, a big part of what you’re doing is paying attention to your inner workings, as you relax into your body, sitting quietly with an erect spine, while consciously awake. That in itself is an exercise that with consistency and patience in itself has been proven to create another vital chemical in the brain by the name of "serotonin"(1).

Serotonin is the “everything’s alright / mood enhancer” chemical reaction that the body feels and is also created in the brain, usually after a long hike while you rest for a while, or during a massage, or exchange of affection, or after attaining a certain accomplishment, or even being applauded at for doing something great, etc. With repetition and consistent daily practice, meditation is now a scientifically proven way of reprograming your physical body to recreate and regenerate the receptors in the brain that most likely have atrophied in you and at the same time used to help you to produce these natural and essential feel good chemicals in your brain.

"With repetition and consistent daily practice, meditation is now a scientifically proven way of recreating the receptors in the brain that have probably atrophied in you, and at the same time used to help you to naturally produce these essential feel good chemicals in your brain."

This type of mental/physical training should be considered to be naturally spiritual or energetic but not special or esoteric. Personally, meditation has allowed me to not take life so dead serious and enjoy it limitlessly more. Because of this, I've found that joy is the consequence of a clear and sharp mind and the key to your personal liberation. This might sound a little poetic but it's been said, “Angels fly only because they take themselves so lightly. How much more so does he who rules over the Angels?”

“Angels fly only because they take themselves so lightly. How much more so does he who rules over the Angels?”

So the next time when you get a chance, instead of going on Facebook or watching some T.V.... I’m not saying don’t do it! Hell I do it from time to time. What I'm saying is give yourself 15-20 minutes of relaxing meditation 1 or 2 times a day. It will help clear and sharpen your mind as well as your zest for life. Personally I’ve been doing it more consistently for about three plus years now and the practice keeps getting more and more effortless and enjoyable. Granted, I do more than just meditate. I also practice martial arts, yoga, and other physical regimes along with my "Innergy Coaching" work but meditation has been a clear foundation for my mind-body connection to rest and relax even while I'm training to do or learn new things that I yet don't fully understand like business and making a ton of money.

If you've never been formerly initiated into a live transmittable meditation process, which I highly recommend with an actual meditation teacher, then I recommend Emily Fletcher's best selling book on meditation, "Stress Less, Accomplish More". In this book Emily will scientifically demystify the meditation process for you and show you how to use meditation quickly and effectively in your life.

If reading a book is not exactly your idea of a good time, there's also a cool meditation app that I've enjoyed in the past before becoming a LEO Method instructor called “Insight Timer”. It's available for both iPhone & Android and not only is it FREE but it’s home to over 1.8 million meditators world wide and has thousands of meditation practices. Binaural sounds for meditation are pretty awesome.

Practice not Perfection because "Practice Makes Progress".

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