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Why You Need To Honor Your Secrets

Looking back at my life and my own personal life and endeavors, like my businesses, martial arts training, finances, theatrical/film work, family or personal relationships, there seems to be one very essential principle that brought them all together: faith.

For me Faith is simply a spiritual word for trust, and is the prerequisite for all empowered relationships. Let’s face it... without trust, we wouldn’t be able to bring basic vitalities like clean, mineral-rich water or nutritious food to the table. I’m sure you’re more than aware that good food and water requires the cooperation of many unaccounted-for people coming together to supply the goods and needs of the individual.

As humans, though, we need much more than food, water, and even cooperation from others to thrive. We also need deep personal "space", a sort of internal home, which only really comes when you allow the letting-go of all the things you normally have to do in your day-to-day by allowing the body and mind to rest. But not just any rest will do, like getting a good 7-8 hour night's sleep. I’m talking about conscious rest and relaxation because it’s becoming more and more difficult for people to simply be joyful, at ease, or at the very least peaceful in everyday life.

Why is it that many people have a hard time relaxing during their days, and are filled with so much anxiety, depression and other mental-emotional disorders? I also need to ask you something in order to help answer this question. Where do all of these disturbances in humans exist? Really, stop and take a look for a moment right now and point at it...

Where does it exist? Is it in your computer? On the table? In the sky? Of course not. Everything that we experience, we only experience it inside of ourselves. The way the mind negatively tends to interpret life signals the body's nervous system to activate and release these generally disempowering emotional disturbances. This is exactly how we humans tend to emote: by perceiving someone or anything through our mind with its conditioned beliefs. This is also the reason why I created and use the LEO Method (life energy optimization method) to help people dissolve old disempowering beliefs and unconscious emotional conditioning.

In particular with unconscious beliefs, those programs forge your mind by default to believe their interpretations about the other person, thing or even an event as being absolutely true, for you. However have you noticed that whenever you simply observe another without any thoughts or beliefs while you're communicating with them, the interaction is open and completely free?

This usually happens more or less when you meet people or strangers for the first time, because there is no history or backstory with them. There are no previous thoughts or ideas for your mind to work with. It's in the moment. It's clear, pure communion. For instance, I know many surface qualities of people in my life. Their names, their jobs or professions, maybe what they own or don't own, physical attributes: whether they're blonde or brunette, etc. These are outward appearances that helps me to recognize them in physical form. However, the imperative element of who these people are, is in truth, a secret. A mystery.

This may be a little difficult to understand, so please bare with me. Generally through the mind, or our intellectual capability is limited by only being able to understand the physical and mental forms. However ultimately the mind can never 'know' the truth of who he or she is because of its limited physical mechanism. That mechanism is designed to think and process information which is only either physical or mental. With that being said, in my experience you can at least train the mind to not form any conclusions about yourself or anyone else and when this happens you have your individual truth and clarity of perception. While we're on the subject, it is important to mention that to mentally know someone or something is to come to a conclusion, and a conclusion literally means the end. So when so many people around the world want to know what life is, what they are unknowingly looking for is the conclusion of life. Meaning the end of life.

In essence, we humans are a big physical body of secrets with countless bits of information passed down from our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, ancestors and so on, imprinted in our DNA and its visceral ambience. This is all held together as one big human body of imbedded secret information within our very cells.

I would further say, that in order for there to be a relatedness and a true connection with each other, this secret of who we are must be honored without question in every moment of every day. Even more so if the individuals come into contact on a daily basis like at work, or if they live together. It's an essential ambience for the quality of how people relate to one another in their everyday lives. You can also see this insight in action when you consider how much easier it is to respect and listen to strangers, as oppose to your wife/husband, children, co-workers, or siblings. Generally speaking.

In conjunction, most people think that they are in control of their mind, but unfortunately this is not true. If that was the case, would your mind create thoughts that you find to be painful, disempowering, or unpleasant? Could it even do that if it was 'truly' under your command? Of course not. If your mind was truly directed by you, it would only produce the thoughts that you want. Right? Because it would be under your direct control... and not something or someone, or outdated belief, or thought.

Unfortunately, most people's thoughts and outdated beliefs are controlling their minds. Thoughts have their own intelligence in a way, and they are doing whatever they need to do in order to keep their place which tends to cause unpleasantness, fear, pain, etc., in people's lives. Thoughts can actually blind you into believing that that's what you want and run on their own because up till now you may not have taken charge, and to some degree they will, figuratively speaking, fight you to keep you under their control.

"O.K. Then why doesn’t our mind do what I want it to do?" Simply because your mind's function is designed to think and process information. How can it think or process anything you want it to, when you don’t know yourself? (Please, just breathe, trust, and relax into the reality of this present moment.)

Think about that for a second... trust is the key that opens that door. You see, trust comes when you consciously let go of what you normally do (which is usually controlled by your thoughts), and let go of what you think you have to do. It is imperative that you understand that you don't need to get rid of thoughts, but you do need to pay close attention to your thoughts and what they are creating in you. Are they pleasant or unpleasant thoughts?

Now, in the moment, you can release excessive tension caused by negative thoughts and emotions with breath and relaxation; thus giving your conscious-awareness full autonomy and space to fully expand in your entire body including the mind. That’s what the practice of meditation (Sharpen the Mind) is all about: doing nothing and just being it. Life. In being it, you recognize and become aware of the non-physical and scientifically unexplainable energy of life itself. The secret of who we are as human beings at our deepest and most essential core. The very secret that everybody longs for.

Without this vital self being consciously activated in your mind every day, your individual life, businesses, relationships, work and communications, everything will eventually run without joy or at the very least without peace. There will be no creativity, no mystery, no romance, no love, no peace in anything you do without this essential life energy consciously taking place in you to fully recognize who you truly are, everyday. It is very possible for your mind to transform and embrace the truth of who you are. However you're going to have to do the necessary inner work and take the time to create the space for this transformation to happen. To be as lucid as verbally possible, it's easy, but you can also make it as hard as you want by not doing the inner work and honoring your inner most vital secrets.

Success and enjoyment,

One Ascencio | Inner Energy Coach


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