How Negative Ions Can Benefit Us (and how to fill your home with them)

July 31, 2017



Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illness will suddenly appear. 


- HIPPOCRATES (the 'father of medicine', and the reason why doctors take a Hippocratic oath)



By the time you’re done reading this short narrative I hope you’ll feel a little more enlightened in the understanding of Negative Ions. So every electrician and doctor knows that the human body is an electrical conductive system, the Heart being one of the body’s primary electrical components as well as a powerful conductor of electricity in the body. By the way: it is also the first organ in the human body to develop.


In any event, let us get back to Ions. Negative Ions (Anions) are negatively charged electrons. Positive Ions (Cations) are positively charged protons. Both are Ions, just differently charged. In particular, Negative Ions conducive to a human’s sense of well-being are most abundantly found in the natural environments of the planet where forests, beaches, waterfalls, rivers and mountainous areas are in their most organic states. Besides the beauty that these places hold, this is probably why we love going to these places so much and feel so good when we’re around them. In the understanding of natural settings like the ones mentioned, these environments have been observed to have a holistic design whose main purpose is to sustain life in all its manifestations. All in all, it appears that the main function of negatively charged electrons (a.k.a Negative Ions) is to create a counterbalance to positively charged protons found generously in the Earth’s atmosphere, to sustain and maintain an even flow of grounded electrical energy in all living beings. Including those that fly.


Imagine this; around the planet, it is estimated that there are 1,000 to 2,000 thunderstorms at any given moment. Just one strike on the earth can unleash hundreds of millions of volts! So collectively around the globe, storms produce about 5,000 to 6,000 lightning strikes in one minute. That's about 100 electrical charges per second. Consequently an electrical current of 1,000 to 2,000 amps is continuously creating a negative charge on the surface of the Earth and an opposite positive charge is being produced in the atmosphere. If you think about it, throughout the development of the planet, all living organisms formed and sustained their life’s energy while living and staying connected to the Earth’s natural negatively charged energy. It is only until relatively recent history that we humans have separated ourselves from this most essential setting where we’ve thrived for eons. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons why illnesses are expanding in humans at such alarming rates worldwide today.


Let us consider this: whenever there’s a current of electricity running through an appliance like a refrigerator, TV, Air conditioning unit, etc., if it is not properly grounded (connected to the Earth) it will not function properly and/or may break down. The human body operates in almost exactly the same way, as it appears to need to be grounded, or somehow connected to a negative charge, in order for its bioelectrical system to function at its best. However, these negatively charged molecules have also been found in air and water, not just on land, which is why in most recent years there has been an outburst of negative-ion producing products like air and water purifiers. One word of caution though: most air purifiers out in the market that generate negative ions also produce a gaseous carcinogen called Ozone. So make sure that whatever product you buy does not create a poisonous byproduct and choose an ozone-free free version, such as the Nikken Kenko brand we recommend below.


Which brings us to the wellness home technologies that safely produce negative ions like those found on the Earth’s natural environment without any poisonous byproducts. There are a few good products out there. We personally use the PiMag Waterfall water treatment system for enhanced drinking water at home & the PiMag MicroJet shower system. There is also the KenkoAir purifier (while supplies last). These technologies in particular are manufactured by NIKKEN. Nikken’s products have been in circulation worldwide for almost 40 years and is a brand we truly enjoy. Click here for more Nikken wellness technologies.


In using Hippocrates' idiom, possibly the deadliest sin we have committed is the one where we have disconnected from Nature. Negative ions are just one piece of the puzzle but perhaps we can absolve ourselves and reconnect to Nature’s holistic model with technologies designed to help us do just that.


For more information on Negative Ion technologies for your home, work, or play, you may email us at:




To your life’s energy,


- Juan Ascencio, LEO Method Personal Consultant 














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